The Fine Art of Neighborhood

Developing Beautiful Homes in Curated Neighborhoods

Your next home, built to last

Mosaic is a team of people who work to inspire neighborhood.  To innovate architecture by taking the best from thousands of years of classic home design and blending it into new forms.  To create environments by fitting this architecture into natural settings with minimum impact, and, where necessary, enhancing the setting to recreate what man has made less attractive.

Mosaic builds homes and neighborhoods that inspire.  Neighborhoods that fit together differently, look special and have wonderful warmth and character.

Mosaics can be wonderful works of art that are made from small, diverse pieces of tile or stone.  Apart they are nothing, but when fit together with the eye of the artist, they become a complete picture. The Mosaic team would like to invite you into our world of inspiring, innovative, creative homes and neighborhoods.

Greater Grand Rapids

Revado Hills
2-acre Homesites in Ada

Balsam Waters
55 homesites in Forest Hills Eastern

Small Village in Forest Hills Eastern


Michigan Lakeshore

Harbor Village
St. Joseph

North Barton Mews
New Buffalo

Saugatuck – SOLD OUT