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Before you start a design, we evaluate your site for how a home may best set on a site for both design and feasibility. We can then provide the architect with good information and input to begin. Good site planning is both an art and a science.

We assist in utility coordination, whether it is hooking into public utilities or extending service to your site. We would conduct the utility research to establish cost estimates for connection to your home.



There are many types of permits that require approval prior to building. After 25 years, we have the experience to handle all permits… whether as simple as a Building Permit to more complex ones like Critical Dune or Wetland Permits. Each site may require different types of permits that we help assess prior to construction or purchasing the site.



One of our goals is to create homes that are valuable now and in the future. The way we do this is by value engineering each home. We first review the site work and structural cost of the home. We then check to see if there is a more efficient design to the lumber and truss package. We also can evaluate the site with the excavator to see if there are better options to reduce fill or retaining walls. Another way we are able to value engineer our homes is to share with you the products we have negotiated volume discounts that we pass on to you like windows, cabinets, doors, trim, etc. Our goal is for you to get the very most out of the budget for your home.



We will help you make decisions along the way… from choosing the right heating and cooling system to the design details like choosing the right paint color for your new home. We have a very detailed selection process and specification system that will help build a realistic budget before we start construction.